About Stephanie

My Story


I am a mom, but first and foremost I am an expert in my field,  qualified to provide you with safe and effective training and nutrition from pre-conception and beyond. I was told I was infertile, was able to naturally conceive, and have a healthy pregnancy and birth. I was able to safely able to workout during my pregnancy up to the night before my water broke. I felt the challenges of postpartum recovery and getting back to fitness while caring for a new baby. I strives to be my best and achieve fitness while balancing the demands of motherhood.


I am Hormonal Weight Loss Coach and Fertility Coach in Detroit, Michigan helping women all over the world. I specialize uncovering my clients hormonal issues and coming up with natural solutions to help women look and feel their best. I know the impacts of disrupted hormones and how it can cause excess weight gain and make it hard to conceive. 

I recently co-Authored a Best Selling New Release Book "Oh my Health...there is hope" 

My education and training are from Precision Nutrition, Health Coach Institute, and Applied Functional Medicine. When I’m not helping women find their balance and work WITH their bodies, you can find me teaching fitness classes, hiking or gardening, and trying new hormone-friendly recipes at home.


I know what it is like to live a life that is so out of balance that it seems nearly impossible that a few simple lifestyle changes can fix.


BUT NOW, I live a healthy, balanced, vibrant life that allows me to feel better than I have in years, and connect in a meaningful way with my husband and my child. 


When I got pregnant I made the decision to continue to prioritize fitness and healthy eating because I knew the benefit to me (and the baby). I was also hoping for that bounce back that all the fitness pros had (that did not happen as quickly as I hoped).

Thankfully exercise was a daily part of my pregnancy. I worked out 5-6 days a week, taught classes virtually, and even did 3 workouts the night before I gave birth to help induce labor. 

Fast forward to postpartum recovery and wanting to get back to exercise. I was not prepared for how weak my core would be or for how different my body would feel. I was anxiously counting down the days to my postpartum visit so I could be cleared for exercise. I needed to do more than just walk in my neighborhood.  Well, that day came and I was “cleared”…and that was it (no specific guidance, no suggestions on where to start). I had to do my own research on how to receive postpartum and properly strengthen my core. 

There are real benefits to exercising during pregnancy and I want to help you determine what’s safe and good for you and baby.  There are also real needs that we have as moms after having a baby, like needing a way to boost our mood and energy.

Staying fit during and after your pregnancy is not about the snap back, but about building healthy habits that will make you feel great inside and out. It's about allowing your body to heal and become stronger both mentally and physically. Its also about accepting that your body has gone though a lot in 9 months and that it will take time to feel like your old self. 


I want to help you be that amazing mom that can form healthy lifelong habits that not only benefit you but also your family.